"Standards-Based, Research-Driven, Culturally Relevant Instructional Strategies"

WOW!!!  Look at what conference organizers, principals, and other educators are saying about Chike Akua!
“Chike Akua’s presentation style is engaging, dynamic, and very well-informed.  As a keynote speaker, he touches the intellect as well as the heart in providing practical suggestions and ideas to educators who are striving to make a difference in the lives of their students.  His message is timely, relevant, and needs to be heard.”

Greg Johnson, Ed.D, Senior Policy Analyst
Teacher Quality Department
National Education Association (NEA)

“Based on the evaluations we received, conference participants felt Mr. Akua’s keynote presentation and workshop session were outstanding and inspiring as well as informative and challenging.  Our members were delighted to have Mr. Akua share his new ideas, fresh approaches and materials to enhance their educational expertise.”

Anita Maxwell
Communications and Instructional Issues
West Virginia Education Association (WVEA)

“Chike Akua is an outstanding speaker who provides high quality professional development for all educators. His energizing presentations include ideas and instructional strategies that can immediately be incorporated into classroom instruction. He engages educators with empowering messages that exemplify his genuine concern about the educational future of all students, particularly those from underserved and underrepresented populations.”

Pamela Fossett, Director
Education Policy & Professional Practice
Alabama Education Association (AEA)

"The conference evaluations we received from participants proclaimed the impact and benefits of  Mr. Akua's interactive, high spirited, enlightening and thought-provoking workshop while stating their request that BEAM ask him to return for next year's conference! Mr. Akua is a skilled practitioner who inspires, motivates and models effective classroom curriculum and instruction designed to achieve social and academic excellence! Every educator, especially those committed to eliminating the achievement/access gap, should experience his powerful and empowering presentation!"

Barbara E. Fields
Co-chair, Conference Committee
The Black Educators' Alliance of Massachusetts (BEAM)

“Chike Akua’s professional development was, by all accounts, phenomenal.  He is a master at providing hands-on strategies and techniques for engaging, inspiring, and challenging all students.  In reviewing staff evaluations, 85% of my teachers said it was the best training they had ever been to.”

Lionel E. Allen, Jr., Principal
William T. Sherman School Of Excellence
Chicago, Illinois

“As a master teacher and former Teacher of the Year, Chike Akua has many of the answers to the questions that educators are struggling with.  His message is a must for all educators who truly want to prepare their students for success.”

Ernest H. Johnson, Ph.D., Center Fellow
North Carolina Center for the Advancement of
Cullowhee, North Carolina

“Chike Akua shows people how to engage students in the process of learning. The way he teaches gives kids who struggle to learn the hope that they can learn.”

Stephen MacDonald, Executive Director
Youth Opportunities Program
YMCA & JCC of Greater Toledo (Ohio)

“Chike Akua, a brilliant presenter, skillfully captured and held the attention of his audience in a style that was priceless. The exclusive message to students, teachers and parents was well received and sparked meaningful and positive feedback. Mr. Akua is a passionate and gifted educator willing to share his expertise to help schools move beyond excuses to solutions. He leaves you wanting more!”

Thomas C. Faniel, Leadership Coach
Hartford Systems of Schools
Hartford, Connecticut

“Chike Akua’s keynote address at our recent WABSE conference was the first time I had heard him speak.  What a uniquely gifted and vastly knowledgeable speaker he is!  One of the things I appreciate about Mr. Akua is, not only is he able to eloquently communicate his message, but his genuine love and concern for people is clearly conveyed as well.  Listening to him speak gave me the sense that he is sharing from his heart-felt belief that he can help to effect change, and is visibly passionate about doing so.  His return to Wichita can’t come soon enough!”

Joseph Bowen, Treasurer
Wichita Alliance of Black School Educators
Wichita, Kansas

Chike Akua with Dr. Greg Johnson after delivering the keynote address at the NEAs Teacher Diversity Symposium in Washington D.C.
Chike Akua with officers of the West Virginia Education Association (above) after delivering a dynamic keynote address in Charleston, WV (below)
Chike Akua with Mr. Lionel Allen, Principal of the William T. Sherman School of Excellence in Chicago, IL after deliverign an incredible  commencement speech
Chike Akua with Dr. Ernest Johnson, Fellow at the National Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT) in Cullowhee, NC
Chike Akua with Stephen MacDonald, Executive Director of the Youth Opportunities Program of the YMCA in Toledo, Ohio, Crystal Harris, and youth after one of Chike's youth seminars
Chike Akua with Leadership Coach Mr. Tom Faniel, after a tremendous presentation to principals in Hartford, Connecticut
Chike Akua with master trainer (l) Walter Beckley, and members of the Wichita Alliance of Black School Educators (WABSE) (Kim Burkhalter, Cathy Davis, and Jospeh Bowen) after Chike's dynamic keynote presentation at the conference in Wichita, Kansas
Chike Akua conducts a TeacherTransformation! seminar for a group of teachers in Chicago at the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) Summer Institute
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