"Transforming Educators to transform Students to transform the World" 

                    Affirmations for Transformation!

                                Student Creed (for the beginning of class)

                                I am a student seeking to be a scholar.
                                The standard is excellence today and tomorrow.
                                I am disciplined, focused, and on time.
                                I am organized, respectful and responsible.
                                I am on a mission to elevate myself, my family, my community, and humanity.

                                Transformation Affirmation

                                Love and light, truth and transformation
                                Healing and harmony, across the nation
                                Compassion and conviction, are the tools for my mission
                                I open my eyes, to see with inner vision
                                Peace and blessings, be unto humanity
                                The change begins within, the change begins with me!

                                Resurrection Affirmation 
                                (for the end of class)

                                The resurrection of my people
                                And the redemption of humanity
                                Depends on whether I accept
                                The call to Higher Consciousness
                                Today, tomorrow and evermore…
                                I accept the call.

                                ©   2005 Chike Akua

History is Memory

History is memory
The understanding of our authentic identity
But be mindful that there are
  invaders and perpetrators
  acting like innovators
We are not imitators
We are The Originators!

We gave the world
Reading and writing, 
Language and literature
Architecture and engineering
Agriculture and astronomy
Mathematics and medicine
Science and technology

History is memory
The understanding of our true identity
Helping is see our Destiny
while embracing our Divinity
Seeing all the possibilities
Walking boldly 
and building for Eternity