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Grammar Rap

Good communication skills are essential.
The power of the word will make you influential.

We need to know the eight parts of speech.
Master the language, go as high as you can reach.

noun is a person place or thing;
An idea in my mind that makes me dream.

verb is a word that always shows action;
Like dividemultiplyadd, and do subtraction.

An adjective always describes a noun,
Like a bigred truck you can drive around. 

An adverb usually ends in –ly;
Clearly a verb is what it modifies.

pronoun takes the place of a noun;
Like when shehe, and they walk around.

Conjunctions connect phrases, clauses, and words:
Andbutornor, and yet haven’t you heard?

Here’s a word that’s definitely on a mission.
Let me give you some examples of a preposition:
Inonfromto, and around;
Duringafterup and even down.

Now we need to learn about interjections,
A word with enthusiasm, lots of expression
Like: Stop!Go! Wait! Yes! and No!
Wow! Great! Awesome! Uh-oh!

Now that you know the eight parts of speech,
Master the language, go as high as you can reach!

©2004 Chike Akua

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