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Find out why Dr. Chike Akua is one of the most sought after keynote speakers at educational conferences, colleges and universities and k-12 schools! 
"Transforming Educators to transform Students to transform the World"
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If you have ever wondered what's really possible for our children and are really interested in how schools can be authentically culturally relevant and elevate student achievement, 
watch the video below!
If you want to know the aspects of history that have been falsified and/or omitted from the curriculum, watch this insightful video clip featuring world renowned neurosurgeon, professor, and author, Dr. Ben Carson
If you want to know what happens when children are exposed firsthand to the beauty and richness of their culture, watch the video clip below!
Multitalended master teacher, spoken word artist, and co-author of Reading Revolution, Mr. Tavares Stephens, puts education and our responsibility as educators in crystal clear perspective below.
Helping our children reach mastery is not a mystery.  If you want to know how to reach and teach all children in mathematics at every level, click on the link below and check out master teacher, Dr. Stephanie Pasley and "The Math Party!"  
Click the link below. 

Former Disney Teacher of the Year, Ron Clark, Kim Beardon, and the staff at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta understand the power of culturally relevant teaching methods and materials.  They also understand how to create a culture of excellence and achievement.  
Check this out!
Master teachers are, first and foremost, diligent and determined students of the craft.  So this page is for those educators who are serious about studying those who have a track record of success with our students.  Master teachers get more than test scores.  They get exceptional results even in the most difficult settings.  They transform the norm.  We must carefully study those who produce what Dr. Asa Hilliard called "excellence without excuses."  Enjoy what you read and view below.  
One of my elders and mentors, Dr. Asa Hilliard dedicated his life to researching educators who had the answers and succeeded against the odds in some of the most difficult situations.  Check out this video as he highlights an outstanding math teacher, Ms. Gloria Merriex from Gainesville, FL and her 
masterful teaching methods.
Check out University of Wisconsin professor, Dr. Gloria Ladson Billings talking about cultural competence.
Check out master mathematics teacher, Jaime Escalante, the inspiration behind the movie "Stand and Deliver."  He consistently transformed underachieving Latino math students into  proficient math scholars with top scores on the state Calculus exam.  It's all about expectations!
Edward James Olmos portrays master mathematics teacher, Jaime Escalante, 
in the movie 
"Stand and Deliver."
Is there a movie that better dramatizes the standard of excellence that predominated African American schools and communities?
Denzel does it again 
(with a whole lot of help from Oprah!).
Check out the success the Children's Defense Fund (CDF) Freedoms Schools are having because they understand that culture is the key and use it as a bridge rather than a barrier.  The CDF and the Freedom Schoos are an outgrowth of the Civil Rights Movement and the vision of 
attorney and activist
Marian Wright Edelman
The Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools use music therapy to heal emotional wounds of students and to help them cope and make better decisions.  Take a look. 
Longtime civil rights activist, Bob Moses found introducing children to Algebra to be the continuation of the movement.  Check out how this master teacher engages and empowers children in mathematics.  
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